A Year Remembered, A Year Looked Forward To.

“It is very strange that the years teach us patience – that the shorter our time, the greater our capacity for waiting.”

– Elizabeth Taylor

Moments of 2013, as they flashed by like the wise said they would.

NYE in Austin and Dallas, TX with Morgan. Boston good-bye to Erin and Yongho before moving to Washington D.C. Wine in Carmel with Brittani and Marissa. Color run with Pat and Crystal. Celebrated 24, simply yet fabulously. Carne asada fries with Julia in San Diego, CA. Bay Bridge light show. Easter with family in Los Altos. Babysitting Harlow, lovebug. 10k across the Golden Gate Bridge with Michelle. Stagecoach with Courtney. Wines of Portugal with Linda. Vegas for Kilee’s 25th. Cancun with mom, Bayli, and Abbie. Exploratorium at night. Napa with CMR family. Ilan in San Francisco. Grouper. Ziegler Family Reunion in Outlook, WA. Randee’s wedding on the Rogue River, OR. Berryessa hike with Michelle. James and Phil’s wedding in Seattle, WA. Food in Philadelphia. Kenny Chesney. Promotion and raise. Thousand Oaks and Ronald Reagan Presidential Library with Jan and Dana. Santa Cruz Boardwalk with Michelle. Teaching position in Thailand. 3 weeks notice. WSU Homecoming in Pullman, WA. Wings and beer. Visa for Thailand. Sad good-byes to amazing co-workers. One last crazy night in San Francisco. Almost missed flight leaving San Francisco (thanks Linda). Seattle with dad and sisters. 10 days at home with family and friends. To Thailand with Sarah. One week in Bangkok. New home in Mae Sot, Tak, Thailand. Became a teacher. Many students. Chiang Mai, I love you. Loi Krathong in Sukothai, Thailand. Thanksgiving with Sarah and Beth. Pan and Ryan’s wedding in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma). Christmas sunset on abandoned building roof on Thai-Burma border. Bali with Lewis’s. NYE Beth and Alex’s wedding in Canggu, Bali.


947128_10200860170540535_1466556864_n 945121_10200860193701114_1040364343_n 971772_10200860195101149_1049511938_n 1004585_10200860195381156_60393132_n970862_10200860202661338_941667436_n 936948_10200860203101349_1922517810_n5238_10200860200101274_1184232235_n 559262_10200466993591357_1050686088_n 399703_10200588995481328_1921091913_n10605_10200860212821592_136560531_n 65624_10200687908394089_1127746150_n981695_10200167593447723_1085066727_o5362_10200860223061848_2047086847_n 1016512_10151454050236980_2093863599_n1013388_10200977460952722_1299811389_n 194220_10200613813646402_1583539644_o45920_10152096464462538_47600674_n1097990_10201212426266708_608881601_n1012702_10152096354077538_894699033_nIMG_7424 IMG_7457 IMG_7518IMG_7743 IMG_7751425310_10200860202541335_1338335003_n 1005565_10200860222221827_1321754319_nIMG_7871 IMG_78551277913_10200843328820685_1755691086_o1147574_10201761492713026_1053062841_o 1403193_10201985476712486_940618002_o1463193_10202059436521435_1269490290_n 1486100_10202181038801416_386736834_o 1498751_10202340057896794_1536429847_o

I truly have some of the greatest people in my life. Thank you family and friends for making 2013 a memorable year.

A special thank you to my parents. How could I ever go on without your guidance, support, and love. I love you very much.

With each passing year I realize my thoughts, and way of thinking, become clearer and more positive. Is this what age brings? A sense of clarity? Or, is it not age at all, but the growth of the mind and the knowledge it holds? For now I will settle on the later, as one may argue that an almost 25 year old doesn’t have enough years in this life to be considered ‘wise with age.’ I think I’d rather be wise with experiences, for now, anyways.

Here are 14 things I’m looking forward to in 2014:

Goals and Resolutions:

Write to at least one friend or family member per week.
Read one book per month. (Recommendations welcomed.)
Consistently exercise, a healthy body creates a healthy mind, and vice versa.
Write more. Anything.
Limit mindless browsing of the Internet and social media.
Drink less alcohol. Save it for the occasions.
Take 100 photos, 1 per day, with family and friends this summer.

To Do:

Be grateful. Everyday.
Run a race with my best friends.
Take the GRE. Score above 740.
Visit Graduate Schools.
Travel Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. (We’ll see how far my money gets me.)
Move to Spain. (Fingers crossed.)
Learn Spanish.

Wishing you all a wonderful year! Make it amazing. It’s your choice.

xoxo, C

What are your thoughts? I hope you enjoyed catching up with me!

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